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At Southwest University:

  • Spring 2018: Research in Phonology (MA), Second Language Pronunciation (BA)
  • Fall 2017: Phonetics & Phonology (MA), English Academic Writing (BA)

At the University of Michigan:

  • Fall 2016: Writing & Academic Inquiry
  • Fall 2015: Second-year Chinese
  • Summer 2012: Languages of the World
  • Winter 2012: Introduction to Language
  • Fall 2011: Introduction to Language

Other Contributions:

  • 国际音标概况 [Introduction to IPA] for researchers in the 东巴文化研究院 [Dongba Research Institute]. October 2013.
  • Editor of the Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System (2007-2010)

Courses I can offer:


  • Introduction to Language (BA level)
  • Languages of the World (BA level)
  • Language and Diversity (BA level)
  • Generative Grammar (BA level)
  • Phonology (All levels)
  • Phonetics (Up to MA level)
  • Morphology (Up to MA level)
  • Field Methods (All levels)
  • Second Language Pronunciation (BA level)


  • Four-year curriculum for Non-native speakers
  • Structure of the Chinese Language / Survey of Chinese Linguistics
  • Chinese Poetry
  • History of the Chinese Language
  • Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity in China


  • Academic Writing (for native and non-native English speakers)
  • Intensive ESL Speaking
  • Structure of the English Language
  • History of the English Language


Refer to my CV for details on these experiences as well as community lectures.