About Me

Welcome to my presence on the internet. For academic year 2017-2018, I am a foreign expert in phonology at Southwest University in Chongqing, China. I will be moving to Wenzhou-Kean University in August 2018 as a Lecturer in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

I graduated from the Ph.D. program in linguistics at the University of Michigan in 2017. At Michigan my focus was in phonology under the advising of Professors Andries Coetzee and San Duanmu. I am also passionate about language description and language teaching (Chinese and English as well as methodology). Most of my research focuses on phonological (and sometimes phonetic and morphological) aspects the Sino-Tibetan languages; especially Chinese (Standard Chinese, Taiwan Hakka), Bai, and some of the languages spoken by the Yi (specifically Nuosu and Samei). I have taught a range of courses in ESL, linguistics, Chinese as a foreign language, and English writing.

An outline of my NACCL talk on using QGIS can be viewed here.